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Second Chakra Abstract Energy Art

This is a cool image, in my opinion. It’s called “Healing the Hurt“, it’s made from 1/4″ birch wood and measures about 13” in diameter. It was really fun and interesting to create this abstract wall sculpture that represents the movement and clearing out of old energy, second chakra style.

I’ve started on a little journey, or maybe in my complicated case, a looooonnnggg  journey…lol   For whatever reason, the thought of doing energy work on my chakras is a mixture of fear, dread, procrastination, and gratitude for the noticable improvements.  I can feel a definite difference in my energetic sensitivity and more amazingly, how to keep it up and healthy since working with my first and second chakra abstract paintings.

So what’s this  fear and dread about anyway?  When I visualize the health of my chakra system, it seems to me that my third, fourth, and fifth chakras are a mess.  Actually, I think my heart chakra has been seriously damaged and it’s screwed up the chakras on either side of it.  There’s going to be issues to confront, things that I’d rather just sweep under the rug, uncomfortable emotions, facing some harsh realities about myself, then acceptance, forgiveness, and release.  The opening happens….the light radiates out through the chakra, clearing away all the crap and debris that’s clogging up the flow.

The first chakra wall sculpture  I did is called “The Red Portal“.  I noticed that there’s an evolution in the rendering of the rays and the light source from the first to the second.  I’m interested to see how the third, yellow chakra painting turns out….and all the rest of them, for that matter.  I connect with the chakra and let myself visualize its appearance.  Then that visual energy bypasses my brain and comes out my hands. lol  I never really know what’s going to happen.

After I’m done with the series of energy paintings intended for chakra opening and clearing, I’m going to do a series intended for chakra balancing and strengthening, you know, with SPIRALS!!!.


Playing with Colors

Wow, that’s cool…Let’s see what this next one looks like….

Love that sky color!  Uh oh, the creative juices are flowing and it’s 7 degrees outside….not a good studio temperature!


Today has been the most gorgeous day ever! Sunny and 70’s, holy cow.  Yesteday and today I soaked up the maximum amount of rays,  and I swear, it’s like a creative barrier has been lifted! I’m totally re-inspired to make healing art, super cool wall sculptures that represent energy and healing.  That’s a testament to sun energy and vitamin D if I ever heard one,  wow, what a lift!

I’m ready to start on my “third” chakra painting, the yellow one. I’ve done the first and second one, and they both sold on Etsy.  I was so happy that something I had done with the intentions of clearing out the chakras  for myself and for others , found good homes!  I’m really hoping that I can create some spiritually meaningful wall sculptures that will be found by  just the right person at just the right time. 

This is a couple of photos of the first one I did called “The Red Portal”.  It’s made of wood, 1/4″ baltic birch, and is about 13″ in diameter.  It sits off the wall about an inch and has some texture so it has a mild sculptural look.

The photography for this was hard for me because the very bright  center threw the exposure off.  Ok, excuses, excuses..  Actually I just knew nothing about photography at the time.  I’m better now….I think!  Anyway, here’s a close-up:

When I created this piece, I set my intention for clearing out the debris trapped in the first chakra by connecting with the light and allowing it to chase out the shadows…an opening to purification and healing…a portal….”The Red Portal“.

When it was finished, I set my intention that this piece would have a healing, cleansing, opening effect on anyone who seeks it.  I attuned it to the healing energy of reiki.  It found  a  good home.