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Third Chakra Issues

Well this was me yesterday, hence no blog post as I was too stressed out and thought it wouldn’t be cool to inflict my angst on the masses…or maybe I should say my nine followers….ok, the one or two who might actually read these posts. lol. 

So what was the problem I ask myself.  Alot of it was issues being stirred up from working on my third chakra painting.  Some of it might have been full moon weirdness. Does anyone else have weird days when there’s a full or almost full moon?. 

When I started on my third chakra painting, my intention was that my third chakra would be opened and cleared of all the crapola I undoubtedly have stored there. I laid down the first stage of the painting, and while waiting for it to dry, I became overcome with fear and insecurity. Now I’m talkin’ that “tied up in knots, feeling sick to my stomach” kind of fear and insecurity.  Upon reviewing third chakra attributes, one of it’s functions is protection from danger and self confidence, so it makes sense.

Now the question arises, these issues are there, what do I do with them? The finished painting will depict a damaged third chakra that is being opened and cleared with a healing white light.  If I was smart, I would have powered through and finished the painting,  healing the issues without the need to examine them.  But NOOoooo, I wuss out, give in to these very unpleasant emotions, stop what I’m doing and have to explore the issues that arise.   Most of them are old experiences and woundings that never got resolved. Good gawd, what have I gotten myself into… layer after layer after freakin’ layer……  I got overwhelmed and allowed those emotions to become my mood….it wasn’t pretty!

My technique is (1) acknowledge the emotion (2) try to find the specific incident that created the emotion (3) visualize myself in that situation (4) thank God for giving me that experience so I can learn from it and establish appropriate boundaries (5)  forgive myself and everyone involved and then (6) release it by moving the visualization and all of its emotions outside of my aura and  blow it up into a gajillion gnarly pieces.

When the painting is finished, I’ll envision a golden sun at the top of my aura which calls back all those fragments, purifies them and lets them flow back into me as renewed and healthy energy.

My Big Lesson:  From now on when I do a chakra healing painting, my intention will be to open and clear the chakras without having to review and relive all the ugliness. I’ll work on the painting while I’m feeling those emotions and allow them to clear out through my hands rather than through my brain. 

Sometimes I think the brain is a big pain in the ass….so literal and complicated, and it’s always wanting to butt in and control everything.  It seems much more efficient to bypass the brain analysis and connect directly with healing and release, whether it’s through reiki, other forms of energy work or through art.

 A big thank you to the Universe for opening my eyes……again!