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Raising the Visual Vibe

Oh yeah, that’s more like it…..  You know, on some levels, the grays and whites of yesterday were appealing…for a minute……but then I came running, not walking,  back into the “gotta have color” mode!   I almost posted pictures of how it actually looks outside today, but it was kind of a  downer, so I  altered one of the pictures to be more color gratifying.  It lifted my vibe a little, so cool. 

It’s funny that when you start paying attention to how things make you feel energetically,  it gets easier and easier to identify the drop or the lift in energy.   Then we have a choice of whether to keep going with it, or do, think,  or visualize that which changes it.  Choices are good.

Here are two more that are pretty cool.  That bottom one is really cool….it makes me want to do some energy art using the white silhouettes of trees.  Hmmmm, sounds fun!! I’ll get right on that after I do my “Third Chakra” wall sculpture. I keep putting it off for some reason. I’m pretty sure my third chakra is soft and squishy and there’s going to be issues to clear out.  Groooaaannnnn.  The sooner the better.

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Dodged the Winter Storm Bullet

Aaaand………it’s over.  We lucked out and dodged the bullet of devastating ice and snow…..We got a glaze of ice and about 4″ of snow, so all that preparation, anticipation, excitement and sometimes downright hysteria,  led to a sigh of relief mixed with a little bit of a let-down.   Other places have been declared emergency zones, however, so it was bad for them, and I’m sorry for their hardship.

 The good news…my trees are happy with the moisture and none of them are cracking up, so that’s cool! It’ll be awhile before we can get down off of our hill, but that’s ok, the electricity is still on so it’s all good.  Frankly, if it hadn’t been for not having a shower for 10 days during that last ice storm, I thoroughly enjoyed the silence and the lack of artificial light (other than candles and a lantern). It’s amazing how quiet and calm everything is when there’s no electricity. I liked it!  Here are some photos of my yard after this storm.

February 1, 2011 Northwest Arkansas

Not overly impressive in bad storm terms, but enough to shut this town down for the rest of the week probably, or at least until Thursday.  We’re an odd bunch here, and we look forward to being snowbound.  lol!  I love my quirky town! 

 If it wasn’t going to be so brutally cold for the next five days, I’d get out in the studio and paint, but all I have out there is one of those portable radiator heaters. It can raise the temperature about 20, maybe 30 degrees, but when it’s, you know, 10 frickin’ degrees, that’s not really enough!

Winter Storm Feb. 1, 2011

We missed the ice!  Just alot of sleet, and now blizzard like blowing snow. It’s hard to get good pictures, but the flakes are huge and blowing horizontally.