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Extreme Skunkification

Patches in “The Giant Snowstorm of 2011”

Oh….My……Gawd!!!!!!!! Well this is a first! In all of my 50 years of dog ownership, I’ve never had to deal with the unbelievable stench of freshly sprayed skunk funk! We done been skunkified!  That’s some funky skunkification….Patches took a ride on the funky skunkamotive…..We’re headed for a funky skunkathon……Patches nickname is now Funky McSkunkerson…..or Skunky McFunkerson…….definitely NOT skunkelicious……more like grossly skunkiferous or perhaps skunkatrocious… Ok I’m done. (unless I can come up with some more.  lol)

Sadly, it’s true. Patches, the sweetest blue heeler dog in the entire world, has been hit square in the face with some raging skunk funk that must register at least a ten on the funkometer. Of course, she had to come in the house for the night, and before we knew what had happened, she  promptly started rubbing herself on everything she could come in contact with.  There was alot of yelling and panic, running around and flailing of arms, that kind of thing.  Ah, the joys of the “full moon/extreme solar flares/magnetic field shifting” syndrome.

I had to combination herd/pull/push/drag her out onto the balcony getting skunk funk all over me as well. (The other two people in the room ran away. Seriously?!)  I’m afraid that smell is entombed inside my nose forever! I’m almost freaking out!!!!  Not really, but if this had happened yesterday, I’d totally be freaking out!!  At least the other four dogs didn’t get hit by the skunkbomb, by some miracle. (yes, yes, that makes five dogs….but in my defense, one of them is my daughters’s American Spitz Ellie that I’m babysitting for an  open ended vague amount of time, and another one is my roommate’s black lab Penny).  It’s a zoo on a good day. Did I mention the goats and the rabbits and the chickens and the cats? I didn’t?  Oh well, forget I  said anything then.

Anyway………tomorrow I’ll have to tackle this smell, which seems to be a horrifying combination of burning rubber, overwhelming gag-worthy garlic, and regular roadkill skunk smell.  My trusty pal Google says hydrogen peroxide, baking soda and dawn dish soap could remedy ths problemo.   I’m not convinced that anything will work on this skunkerendous odor.  Wow.    Trippin’. ….!!!!

Skunkifically Yours,