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Happy April Fools Day!

Oh………Gawd!!!!!! On Thursday, I’m singing the praises of my talented daughter Andi for making a youtube video of my artwork, and today….well…..let’s just say I’m singing a different tune……

So I get a text message that says something along the lines of “OMG, I was driving down the road and both my front tires fell off my car and now I’m stranded on the side of the road”!  I read this, squealed in a high pitched tone that possibly only the dogs could hear, and immediately called her back.

“Oh my Gawd, OH MY GAWD, oh my Gawd!  Are you ok?  Where’s your car?  What are we going to do?  Is there someone there you can call?  Can the tires be put back on?  Was there alot of damage?  Was anyone hurt?”  She says, “My car is on the side of the road, my boyfriend came to pick me up and I don’t know how I’m going to get my car home.  I’m pretty sure the damage is bad and the tires can’t be put back on”

So after much flailing of arms, spinning around in circles, squealing, shrieking and scaring the dogs, she finally says “April Foools”!  Well you little brat…..Oh my Gawd, YOU LITTLE BRAT!! 

All I can say is, payback is a bitch, Andi…..payback is a bitch!!  Although this could possibly be my payback for playing April Fools jokes on her in the past.  The best one that comes to mind was when I made a stuffy man out of our friend Aaron’s clothes, complete with his signature hat, and put it in her bed face down with the feet hanging off the end.   She came home from school and I said “So Aaron showed up here drunker than a skunk and is passed out in your bed.”

She runs in there to take a look, flies back out in the living room in a rage, screeching and carrying on, just furious and throwing a hardcore temper tantrum.   It was one of the only times I’ve heard her use the “f” word.  (heehee)  I told her to go wake him up and kick him out of her bed, so she goes in there and yanks the blanket off, pulls off his hat, and smacks him in his (stuffy) head.  Heheeee!

I guess she got her April Fools mentality from me, as I’ve pulled a few stuffy men practical jokes in my time.

So did anyone else get April Fooled today?

Have a good April Fools Day, but don’t give your mother a heart attack.