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Amethyst Spirit Quartz

Oh my gosh, I got the most beautiful crystal ever from Jennie at LadyGraniteJen over at Etsy!  She contacted me a week or two ago and asked if I’d be willing to trade my print “The Angel’s Way” for her amethyst spirit quart crystal.  I said oh heck yeah!

It’s about 3″ tall or so, I haven’t measured it, but it’s as big as the palm of my  hand and fits there like it was made for me!  When I opened the package, the first thing I saw was this iridescent bubble wrap, and went ooo, purty.  Then when I unwrapped the crystal, I could only bring myself to glance at it for a second because it  was so beautiful!  I squeezed my eyes shut and held it away while waves, and I mean HUGE waves of goosebumps went coursing through my whole body, and I was saying “Oh my Gawd” over and over again in a high squeaky voice.

So I looked at it again, and could only do a glance before I had to look away and let the goosebumps surge and squeals of excitement spew forth. The dogs were all sitting around staring at me and looking at each other like they were wondering if they should do something about my fit. Finally, I was able to stop and gaze at it, hold it, and feel it’s totally amazing energy!!  It’s strong but smooth, I love it!  I got goosebumps for several hours! Wow!  I hold it a lot and the energy just resonates perfectly and feels like exactly what I need.

I’ve always had an affinity with rocks and crystals, but I’ve never had a reaction quite like this one.  This crystal wanted to work with me (at least for awhile) and Jennie, bless her heart, was generous enough to let go of it.  She had lived with this crystal for about a year and a half before being compelled to pass it along to me.  Thank you Jennie!

Check out her Etsy Shop if you get a chance, she makes some lovely jewelry with beautiful stones.  Here’s a blue quartz necklace with amethyst and citrine beads that’s really nice.  Click on the image to go to the lisitng.

My boyfriend is also a rock and crystal person and he’s very drawn to it as well.  I see him looking at it and sometimes holding it every so often.  When I read about the properties of an amethyst spirit quartz, I understood why we’re both so drawn to it.

Here’s a little information about the properties of an amethyst spirit crystal.

Spirit Quartz carries the vibration of universal love. It may assist you to let go of issues you have been holding onto… and forgive both yourself and the other person.
These crystals radiate a very high vibration. They may open the third eye chakra, thecrown chakra and the higher crown chakra or soul star chakra… and may align and purify the entire chakra system. Spirit Quartz are powerful stones to heighten metaphysical abilities.
They have the ability to align the lower self with the higher spiritual self… and manifest into your life those spiritual attributes. These are stones that will assist you with your ascension process… and they may activate the Lightbody.
Each of the different colors will resonate strongly with different chakras and this is useful as you may choose which area spiritually you wish to work on. All types are highly spiritual… but each has its own specific vibration.
Nice, huh!  I did a couple of energy art images from the photo of this crystal.  I’m not done, I’m still playing around with capturing the essence of its energy but here’s a couple of them.
This one retains more of the visual elements of the crystal itself with some energetic imprints showing through. I like the colors, very sixth and seventh chakra.

This one is more energetic in nature. I like the movement and the spiral, the light source and the feeling of  an emotional landscape in the background but the color isn’t right, plus  it’s too dark.  It reminds me of the crystal healing room in Atlantis.  I say that as if I’ve been there or something, lol. (Maybe I have…in another life!)
Thank you again Jenny! For you to initiate sending me the perfect crystal at the perfect time shows a true connection between us!
Well I’m off!  Later!

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  1. Wow, what a great story – sounds like an awesome crystal! I love the purple art… the colors are amazing. 🙂 What a cool trade – congrats on ending up with an epic crystal, Laurie! 😀

  2. That is a fabulous story, the crystal is right where it belongs for this moment in time! I hope it works its magic, although it sounds like it has already begun… the energy sounds tremendous!Don't you just love to barter? Sometimes it almost feels like something for nothing (hopefully on both sides!), and you walk away somehow enriched. 🙂 So glad this 'fell' into your lap! 🙂

  3. Such a beautiful crystal! I was given a similar one years ago and it has made its way to my Goddess Shrine that I am working on. I love amethyst's energy, I always find it works in a very gentle manner for me. Great images! Julie

  4. Wow, thanks Laurie I'm so honored. I feel so good that the crystal I sent you is bringing you so much joy. Your "angel way" print is framed and up on my living room wall. I look at it everyday and it makes me feel inspired. It truly brings an angelic energy into my home. Thanks again.Your friend Jennie

  5. hey Tay, yeah it was an awesome trade! Super stoked! It's a beauty and I'm still enamored!Hi Melinda, yes it fell right into my lap like it was meant to be! Jennie had put me in an Atlantis themed treasury awhile back and we got to talking. Then she made the trade offer. Maybe that's why I'm thinking about Atlantis and their crystal healing lately! Hi Julie, wow this shrine of yours sounds like it's going to be super awesome! I was thinking of incorporating stones and crystals into my artwork too. Somehow I think that those of us on the same wavelength seem to have parallel ideas all at the same time. It's cool!Hey Leslie! Yes this crystal is awesome and I couldn't be happier with it. It's right here and I'm looking at it right now. It says hello! I'm glad you like your print! That one is one of my faves!

  6. omg! it is beautiful! i love gems and crystals, its unbelievable that such small items can have such huge healing powers!I apologize for the lack of emails! i have been overly busy, my best friend decided to get married in three short months, i am making all of the dresses, plus a bridesmaid plus and MC for 300 people! and its all happenin aug 19th that plus work and getting ready to go to the shop for Sept 1st!!…I can barley remember to breath latley! we shall talk soon. xoxA

  7. How exciting for you! Congrats on the win and the connection to the quartz. That's an amazing story of it was meant to be. Amethyst is my birthstone. I hope I come across a spirit quartz and get that same feeling. I know I'm always drawn to these types of wonders.

  8. That sounds like a wonderful trade! It sounds like that crystal was truly meant for you… and it's gorgeous!I love both of the energy art images, but I'm especially drawn to the first one!

  9. This is great! ♥ The crystal is gorgeous 🙂 Man, I wish somebody would trade with me ;D That's totally awesome! The purple art is beautiful!!! The colors are goorrgeous! ♥♥xoxoJordan ♫

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