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“First Chakra Activation” by Primal Painter
“First Chakra Activation” is the latest in the series of first chakra digital paintings that I’ve been working on in an attempt to activate my first chakra.   I may tweak it a little more as things get moving, or I might feel compelled to do an entirely new one.  One thing I’ve noticed is that things are always in flux, nothing stays the same for long, and for me, I function better when I go with the flow.   
For this series, I wrote down an intention statement, memorized it, then repeated it to myself as I worked through the process.  The statement was “The process of creating this image will open and clear, heal and strengthen, balance, align and activate the first chakra for myself and for viewers. This image is infused with healing reiki energy and can be used as a tool for healing, transformation, and manifestation.”
I also repeated affirmations related to the first chakra during the process so the images can be infused with their energy.  “I am safe and secure in my environment, physically, emotionally, financially and mentally. An abundance of money flows to me.  I have healthy relationships with the people in my life and my environment. I have a strong life force with an abundance of energy and am securely grounded. My hormones are balanced and my endocrine system is healthy.  I welcome challenges as opportunities for growth. I create my own reality. I communicate with God and my Higher Self and always know what to do.”

“First Chakra Unmoving”
This is the first one I did. It’s a little dark with some areas of cloudiness with possible blockages, and seems to be just sitting there.  It’s kind of cool looking visually, though.
“First Chakra Communication”
This is one where I asked for help from the Source and my Higher Self to get things unblocked and moving.  If you look closely, (click on the picture) at the center is a bearded moon (symbolizing God) speaking with an angel (symbolizing the Higher Self), both starting to swirl their energy and wisdom into the chakra.

“Starting to Spin”
This one is the beginning of activation.  The clarity and colors become a little more defined, balance and alignment are leveling out, things are starting to move.  Then I ended with the top image which represents a fully activated and healthy root chakra, although it might still be a little dense..  I’ll keep working on myself and    do another in the future, maybe it’ll be more translucent. 
Wouldn’t it be cool if  I could actually get them to spin? I saw someone with a spinning avatar on twitter, I wonder how they did that?
So I was curious, do you have a favorite? How do you feel when you look at them?
Well I’m heading out to the studio while I’m migraine free!  
Have a great Sunday!

Comments on: ""First Chakra Activation" Healing Energy Art" (7)

  1. Wow, Laurie, that's awesome! I love the bearded moon/angel in the center of "First Chakra Communication". Very cool!And those moving photos? Those are GIF files. You can make them using a feature on the photo editing program Photoscape. A GIF is like an animation that you upload like a photo. It's pretty cool, and now I want to try one! 😉

  2. The last one with the pretty swirls of pink is the one that I was drawn to. I just love your work!Hope you enjoyed your headache free studio time!

  3. Is it bad that I think the first one is nice? I just love the color the best. It seems like such an intense eye. Beautiful process.

  4. It would have to be the first image for me. Such depth of field! And am I needing some balancing here or what! x Julie

  5. My favorite is also the first one, I felt something shift as soon as I looked at it, beautiful. I love your intention statements, they seem to cover it all! Have you noticed any difference after doing these? Your energy is so focused on them, so direct, it's sure to clear things out! 🙂 Hope you enjoyed your studio time!

  6. Hey Tay, I always wondered what GIF was, now I'll have to play around and see what it does. I'll try not to get too out of control with it, lol.Thanks Sara! That's my favorite one too….for now….I think! lolI know what you mean about the first one, I like the color of it too. It looks like a wheel to me, but I can see the eye, too.Hey Julie, I like that first one visually, too! It just seems like it should be spinning, but I like looking at it the way it is. I did the same one in a deep purple indigo color that's pretty, too.Melinda, I'm glad you felt something shift! I think that different versions and images resonate with people on an individual level depending on where they're at in the moment. Chakras are tricky because it seems like they change so frequently, maybe even hourly or even minutely (is that a word? lol). I have noticed a difference, definitely. Mostly it seems like the difference has been grounding, I've been more connected to life around me as opposed to floating around in the clouds. (but I love clouds, too)!

  7. LOL I can't wait to see the GIFs you make, Laurie! 😀

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