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First Chakra Healing

“First Chakra Healing” by Primal Painter
So last week when I made my latest Chakra Angel called “The Angel Way, I thought it seemed like my  first and second chakras were too small.  I created this digital painting to help with the issues that might be clogging things up.  Throughout the entire process, I focused on clearing and activating the first and second chakras, colors red and orange, with issues being thrown into the violet flame for transformation.  The angels are overseeing the process and providing protection and guidance.  I still need to tweak some things here and there in it, though, like changing the color of the moon, maybe making it smaller, and working on those flames so they aren’t so blocky.
Before I did this one, I started another one that was also root chakra oriented.  I wanted to see what was happening down there so I could address the issues more specifically, although I don’t know that being specific is really necessary or even desirable. Just jump in with both feet and be done with it! I don’t know why I have to drag things out…..
“The Quest” by Primal Painter
This one is almost scary, the designs in the border look like serpents. Ewwww, I’m not really into serpents. She’s (me) focusing on the source of light and pulling herself out of the muck and mire.  She’s holding energy balls in her hands for courage and to light the way, illuminating the shadowy places.
Here’s a little more detail about the first chakra, or root chakra as some might call it.  It’s all about basic survival, primal sex drive or the desire to procreate, and bodily life energy.  It’s also associated with the endocrine system, hormones, or whoremoans as I like to call them.  There are chakras in the bottoms of the feet, and the first chakra is connected to those as well.  If the first chakra is compromised, grounding might be difficult and hormones might be out of whack.  Uh, yeah, that would be me….
The root chakra is also the seat of the kundalini energy. When kundalini explodes upwards through all the chakras and out the top of the head, it can be like a huge rush of hot energy
I experienced the kundalini being unleashed during my reiki I training. For hours, it was like I was on fire on the inside.  I was convinced I was burning up with a fever, but my skin felt cool to the touch and I wasn’t running a temperature.  My brain was all fired up and I was jittery.  The next day I felt like I’d been hit with truck or had the flu,. it was wild.  Energy work is not imaginary!  There was one other person in my class who had experienced the same thing, so I wasn’t crazy!
Some people try to get that kundalini rush and even try to sustain it indefinitely, but it takes a toll, or at least it did on me. I think I felt a little of that energy while I was working on that second digital painting, and now I’m feeling the crash.  There’s got to be a better way……  Maybe a third painting to level and balance things out, a painting that shows a healthy, open activated first chakra with strong grounding cords….. Oh ok! (lightbulb) 
Well, I’m off….
Have an awesome day!

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  1. I like the Quest. To me she/you actually have it all well under control! And the Kundalini experience is very interesting when it occurs. You can't really describe to someone who hasn't experienced it. I remember feeling so wired up I had to sit outside on the grass to ground myself, I felt like I was going to explode with the energy buildup! Julie

  2. I like "The Quest", too! I love the figure of the woman, it's very graceful. 🙂 (Plus she's got purple hair, but that's beside the point. 😉 And "First Chakra Healing" is great, too!That's cool/crazy about the kundalini… but like you, I'd probably be exhausted after a "huge rush of hot energy", too! :)Great work, Laure! 😀

  3. I love the colors in First Chakra Healing and the angels overseeing the whole process makes me feel very peaceful. I also love the energy balls in the quest, lighting the way. It's always so interesting to me to see what you come up with (or out with) on these digital paintings. Could you do another person's chakras? Or are you able to just access your own?

  4. Hey Julie, how interesting that you've experienced the kundalini energy too. I can't help but ask what happened that triggered it? I was thinking about what I was feeling the other day when I was working on this painting, and I've decided it was probably just a hot flash. lol Darn whoremoans!Thanks Taylor, I like the purple hair too lol. I wish I could figure out how to make her aura glow, that would be cool.Hey Melinda, thanks, I like the angels too, although I figure that being nude might turn off some people but oh well. I have a long history of creating nude figures, I just love the curves and shapes, everything about them. I was thinking the other day that it would be cool to connect with someone else the way I do with reiki sessions and create something personalized for them. I'll have to think about that some more, thanks for the reminder!

  5. Ooh, definitely share once you get it figured out, Laurie! Auras would be awesome. 🙂

  6. How enlightening. I like them both for different reasons. The second one feels very serious and passionate to me. Almost determined to get to that light.

  7. Wow! Laurie, I am in awe of your talent. Your capacity to look inwards and draw upon your energies is impressive. To channel those energies into your art, in such vivid, vibrant and mesmerizing fashion is nothing short of genius. Don't scoff. I don't say these things lightly. You are an amazing woman, artist and spiritual guide. Bless you, my friend.

  8. P.S. I love your new banner!

  9. Your art always amazes me… It always takes me a little while to get to reading because I'm trying to observe all the little details you put into them! I absolutely love First Chakra Healing… I was completely drawn to it!I love the energy you put into your digital paintings and I always learn something new and fascinating every time I visit your blog :)and whoremones? you seriously crack me up!!

  10. I think bodies are amazingly beautiful, so I think your work is fabulous! If only we weren't so concerned with hiding them and worse, judging them… maybe in another lifetime! Well, if you do decide to give the energy work more thought let me know. I'm definitely interested in a chakra angel! 🙂

  11. Will do, Tay! I have an idea of how I can do the aura. I'll post it here when I get it figured out.Thanks Finding Charm, I am determined to get to that light! I just have a tendency to take the long route for some reason. Maybe it's the artist and the angst I indulge in, I dunno!Gosh, Sue, you always say the nicest things to me! Your words keep me floating high for days!Hey Sara, thanks! It kind of amazes me, too, lol, but more by what's going to come out, because I never really know. It's different painting this way instead of with actual brushes and paints. I don't know how to explain it really, it comes from a different area of the brain somehow. It's fun, you should try it!

  12. My favorite is the "First Chakra"! It's gorgeous! ❤ The purple fire(?) is so pretty and the angels are awesome 🙂 You're right about "The Quest". It does kinda look like serpents… But I think it's kinda cool! I love snakes! HahaWow- the kundalini is really cool/strange… it must be really weird to have it happen! It doesn’t sounds very “comfortable” though…Enjoy your day! <3xoxoJordan

  13. Love both of these Laurie.. wow.. am always amazed at what you come up with your work and the explanations..learning so much.. she is so lovely and so close to attaining the light.. the kundalini is amazing but exhausting.. had that happen once in a thinking my feet chakras are working for grounding as I can feel the energy pulsing.. course that may mean I am about to explode too..lolxx

  14. Laurie – I love both of the Chakra pieces – they are so amazing! I really really am so impressed by your artistry and your journeying through your art-wrok. 🙂 So glad to have met you, and my daughter absolutely Loved the necklace – and I am so happy with mine too!I'll be in touch – I have so many friends asking about my necklaces…so I pass on your name/etsy info to them.hugs, *light* and love,Beth

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