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The Angel Way” by Primal Painter

I really love this one.  The colors, wow, sunglasses worthy! (heheh.)  The imagery has a nice flow,  the hidden angels and moon face are super cool, and the vibe when I look at it is high. I’m going to put a moon face in all my digital paintings from now on, it’ll be my signature.  Back in the olden days, I made a decent living making a celestial line of mirrors, chimes, wall sculptures and mobiles, and I still dig that celestial vibe……and pyramids, I like pyramids……and spirals.

My desire to communicate seems to be at an all-time low, but my creative juices are flowing pretty well, so that’s a good sign.  During this  phase of non-verbalism (or non-verbalocity, or no-talk-aholicism) which I have come to call “The Great Silence of the Yams 2011”,  (Yams is code for vocal cords), I decided I should do another chakra angel to check in on the condition of my energy flow.

I was surprised to see the blue throat chakra so open.  I thought it would have a “Closed Until Further Notice” sign on it or maybe a “Danger-She’s Gonna Blowww!!” sign nailed to it.  There must be something else going on with me because I sure do feel strange….cocooned……internal…….like I’m in a womb, all wrapped up and closed off to the outside.  Not stagnant or stuck, just inside myself, like in the eye of a tornado where everything is still but all around me is a wild whirlwind of debris, Wizard of Oz style. Weird sh*t, maan….

What she would look like matted and framed

The Crown Chakra – White, the combination of all colors, (some say violet, I say white) Our connection to Source, our connection to our higher selves, everything is one, part of the whole,  the spiritual aspect of believing in something greater than ourselves and the knowing that everything could make sense if the veil came off.  The veil is thin right now, I get glimpses but not the whole sh-bang. The glimpses keep me hanging out in the crown because of the mystery, that curiousity, that burning desire to “know“. (Know what?). It’s so big and sparkly and bright and shiny and happy and safe. No wonder I like to hang out there although according to this diagnosis,  it’s  probably out of balance with the rest of the  chakras because of it’s gi-normous size. Balance is everything, but then so is timing….patience, grasshopper.

The Sixth Chakra -Purple (some say indigo blue, I see purple) – The Third Eye – The Seat of Intuition –  I see you”,  Na’vi style from the movie Avatar, seeing the issues behind the pain. This one doesn’t look too bad.  I’ve been working on blue and purple digital paintings lately while focusing on the fifth and sixth chakras and I think this process has cleaned out some of the cobwebs in both of them.  Cool.

The Throat Chakra – Blue – Communication, change, committment, verbal self expression, speaking your truth.  It looks fairly open and clear but it’s out of alignment, not by much, but by enough that it needs attention, more work, the next step. I’m still convinced there’s something stuck in my throat but I can’t see it in this picture. (Maybe it’s behind, maybe I should do an image from the back side, yeah)

The Heart Chakra – Green – The Bridge between the upper and lower chakras, the mediator, love, nurture, empathy, compassion, understanding, Christ-like. (I wish I was more Christ-like).  It looks open and cleared out, but not very vibrant or active. I recently finished the heart chakra painting with the intention of opening and clearing, so this is good.  The next series of chakra paintings will have movement, activation,  spin, and spiral. (spirals!!!)

The Third Chakra – Yellow – The Solar Plexus- thinking, intellect, self worth, self-esteem, self identity, who am I?, what is my purpose? why am I here?   There’s something I’m supposed to do. I know I can do it.  I’m slightly out of alignment with my higher purpose but it’s close….I think too much and don’t feel or do enough, possibly because the second chakra isn’t open enough.

The Second Chakra – Orange – Hara – the center of emotions, (easier to shut them down and pretend like they’re not there) male or female identity, sexuality, intimacy, bonding.  Poor ole’ second chakra, it’s open but needs more,  lots more. The color is good though, so some clearing has taken place so at least there’s been some progress..

The First Chakra – Red – Root – Kundalini –  Procreation, survival, safety and self preservation, bodily life energy, stamina.  And there it is, that puny first chakra.   The plant is only as strong as its roots.  It’s not dark, so that’s good, it’s just small and needs to be more open and activated.

And the grounding cords, what grounding cords? There’s a red light at the bottom of the angel where it looks like the grounding cords have disconnected and pulled back into a dark cave.  That’s not so good, but this is a typical problem with me.  I have a tendency to float….

So now I know what to focus on.  I love chakra angels!

(Disclaimer: These chakra attributes are how I understand them and are not necessarily how an expert might define them.)

Until next time, whenever that may be……



Comments on: ""The Angel Way" Abstract Energy Art" (9)

  1. I loved this Laurie… You seriously had me laughing! I hope you're enjoying The Great Silence of the Yams 🙂 I'm happy your creativity is flowing! Mine has been almost completly shut out by homework (blah) But I really liked your info on chakras… I think my third chakra is out of control.Oh and I love the idea of the moon being your signature 🙂

  2. Morning Laurie… this is gorgeous.. Silence of the Yams can be good.. love the explanation of the chakras.. wish I could see what mine look like.. and what I should be usually a floater too.. love the moon as your signature too.. very cool.. love anything celestial..have a great day..xx

  3. Hey Sara, thanks! Yeah, The Great Silence of the Yams, lol, where that came from, I have no idea! I can remember when I was in pre-veterinary science and I was too busy for creative endeavors…it sucked so bad I dropped out in my last semester and started over in art. lol Don't do that!! Third chakra issues, so you're a thinker and thinking too much about what your purpose is?Hey Kath, thank you so much. I love the colors in this one, that's for sure. I'm not surprised you're a floater, most of us artists are, I think! I wonder if I could do an image for a chakra reading for someone else? hmmmm, I'll have to try it sometime and see what happens.

  4. The Silence of the Yams gave me a chuckle too! But sometimes it is good to sit in the silence, enjoy it, that's where good things are given space to grow. A beautiful image and I can see your crown is way open! A need to get a little more grounded outside, weather permitting, just to balance up a bit. I too love swirls, they appear in my textiles (in particular)a lot. And pink seems to everywhere in my work lately, mmm, self love? x Julie

  5. I liked the hidden angels and moon face. Totally makes the piece.

  6. A gorgeous angel once again, Laurie! It's so neat how you can make something like that, then go through and identify the state of your chakras. 🙂 How cool!

  7. That angel is quite awesome, her wings look feathery, glad to see you're still working with those beauties! 🙂 I always remember that I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be, right now, until I'm not supposed to be there anymore… 😉 Hang out in your silence, find the answers you need to. Your higher self knows how to reach you best. 🙂 Love the chakra info, you definitely beat me to it! 😉

  8. Hey Julie, silence can be good! It would be even better if the electricity were out, that kind of silence outside of myself is awesome, too. I don't know what it is about swirls and spirals, but they're gorgeous! Pink is also associated with the heart chakra, you come across as being very balanced and authenticate. Pink self love would be a big part of your aura I would think.Thanks FindingCharm! I like the angels too. As usual, I look at it now and see so many things that would make it better. I guess that's part of the drive to evolve.Thanks, Tay! I don't know how I do it exactly. Some kind of trancelike intuitive mindless state of being I guess. There's a few people that wouldn't argue with me being "mindless". lolHey Melinda, thanks! I've been experimenting with a some feathery looking areas in my latest creations. I don't know if I've found any answers, but things are churning out. I'm finding my way slowly but surely. Starting to think about that throat chakra painting, so that's some progress!

  9. Well, whatever it is you do, I think it's really neat! It's like a diagnosis you do yourself, and Gimp is your tool. 😀 So cool!

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