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Welcome to the Jungle

I’ve been into some serious blues, purples, and turquoise lately.  I can’t help it, it just happens.   “The Clearing” is focused  on transitioning from the heart chakra to the blues of the throat chakra  with maybe even some of the purple sixth chakra showing up. Things are on the move!

My heart chakra painting should be finished in the next few days, assuming the timing is right. I had to let it breathe for awhile, not to mention letting myself adjust to the clearing that took place.  This  energy art print is my way of paving the way for the fifth chakra painting, the throat.

Daily Channeled Messageยฎ by Dyan Garris 

There is a somewhat softer edge to this day as closure and resolution seem to be right around the corner. As the energies begin to shift now and we can begin to have hope for the future, Spirit asks us to examine a few things. Who or what is your source? Who or what have you been giving your power away to and why? If you’ve been waiting for a situation to change, waiting and wondering why someone isn’t doing or hasn’t done something differently, or wondering why someone has the attitudes and point of view that they do, wonder no longer. Focus your energy instead on your own center, your own power, and your own source. Everything is a reflection and you are in there somewhere. Peer inside the darkness and find your light. Reclaim your power. 

The Mirror Card

The Mirror 

“When you look into this mirror 

The reflection is not of you 

This window is here to help you see

Far beyond yourself it’s true.” 

That’s a cool message I thought, and one that I should examine (Great….another message to examine..gah!)

As I’m sitting here, Bobo, my crazy little jack russel terrier is racing madly around the house, bouncing off the furniture for a little extra speed and momentum.  He stops every few seconds, tries to speak in Human, and then he’s off again.  Lol, dogs are so funny.   Bobo is especially entertaining with an equal amount of “highly annoying” thrown in which he follows up with “super sweet”.   His voice…good Gawd!   So LOUD……and Brain Piercing.

Bobo, such a cute, sweet, smart, annoying little guy! I wuv him. 

A couple of months ago, Bobo (affectionately known as Bobo McBratz)  was racing around the house like Speedy Gonzales and Penny, our roommate Jeremiahs’ very overweight hulk of a black lab  (affectionately known as  Penny McPhatz),  decided to get in on the chase.

Penny McPhatz, she’s obsessed with food…and lasers   

They were racing around the house at top speed (well, Penny lumbered…the house shook ) with Bobo going up and over all the furniture, easily evading the Incredible Bulk.    Penny decided to cut him off at the pass as he was going over the top of the couch that separates the living room from the dining room.  She jumped on the couch  and somehow launched her walrus like body over the back,  and they collided in mid air.   Bobo richoceted off Penny like he was shot out of a cannon! lol He went flying through the air backwards and bounced off the cedar chest.   lololol 

Oh my gosh, that was so funny, and he was so mad!  I was sitting in the recliner laughing at this turn of events, so Bobo  jumped into my lap and proceeded to cuss Penny up one side and down the other.  I’ve never heard so many different sounds coming out of that little dog’s mouth before and I’ve heard a lot of sounds as he tries to speak in Human (he’s very smart and on occasion gets pretty close).  What a tirade!  So Penny has to tell her side of the story and  sits right at my feet, looks me directly in the face and says “Grrrrr woof…….grrrr woof”.  

Then Bobo looked at me and loudly said “arrarrrarr, rrrrr, yip yip, grrr ow ow ow whine whine squeal arararrrrr ow ow ow” with his voice hitting a range of octaves that were mind boggling even for him.   I couldn’t help but  laugh, and while Bobo typically enjoys making me laugh, in this case it just made him madder and escalated his tirade. heheee   Poor wittle Bobo….

Here are the rest of our dogs….

Ellie Bear, better known as The White Devil.

She’s my daughter Andi’s dog that apparently is now my dog seeing as how it’s been almost 3 MONTHS since I agreed to babysit her for supposedly a WEEK.  She’s getting better behaved or so I tell myself.  She’s super smart and does tricks like a circus dog, most notably a very entertaining “Ninja Roll” (but only if there are high quality treats involved like meat.  Dog biscuits, crackers….those are a no go).

Chance, my Bubby Dog

He’s the oldest, the most obedient, the most loyal and protective and always has a smile on his face. 

Patches, better known as Patches McPhartz

She’s the sweetest, most sensitive and gentlest of our dogs. She always knows when I feel bad and tries to give me some lovin’.  This picture was taken in the Great Blizzard of 2011.

Needless to say, sometimes it’s a madhouse around here, a madhouse sitting in the middle of an increasingly unruly jungle. I wouldn’t trade it though, I love my crazy jungle.

I know Memorial Day is about war veterans, but it’s also a day that I choose to honor the memory of my mom, my dad, my aunts (especially Aunt Gladys), uncles, and grandparents.

Have a great one everybody!


Comments on: "Welcome to the Jungle" (13)

  1. I'm sure that dogs are human sometimes! They can be so smart! Your garden is just beautiful, a lovely place to meditate. And looking at the colours you are concentrating on, I must be subconsciously working on the same areas as my scarves and silks seem to be all purple blue and a touch of pink lately!

  2. Too funny Laurie.. they can be so smart and human like.. love this painting.. how it starts as a pinpoint and flows out… and the colors!!your garden looks like a peaceful place to hang out in.. and just be… have a beautiful day..xx

  3. Those colors are awesome. I'm inspired to make a piece of jewelry from that color combo.Your house sounds like ours with our 4 Yorkies. Is Ellie Bear an American Eskimo? We had one for 18 years, ShaSha

  4. Great dog story, Laurie! I โค your blog. Who else goes straight from chakras and spirituality to crazy dog antics? (Well, besides my mom, of course!)All of the dogs are adorable. Especially Bobo, but Patches, Chance and Ellie Bear are all cute – and gorgeous! – too. ๐Ÿ™‚ And ah, the Great Blizzard of 2011… two feet of snow was pretty amazing! LOL

  5. I love your puppies!!! A lot of people think I'm crazy for having 3, but they're pure entertainment and couldn't imagine how quiet the house would be without them… and it's not like anyone else greets me at the door when I get home :)and I am loving the turquoises and purples! Your art is beautiful ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Sesenarts, thanks! My garden is nice, I'd better enjoy it now before the ticks get too thick. One of the downfalls of five dogs!Kathy, thanks for the feedback! I really like this one, too, the colors are beautiful, aren't they. My garden has lots of purples in it and pinks in it, but not so much blues. I need to find some blues.Finding Charm, I'd love to see a piece of your jewelry in those colors. I'm glad to see people other than me like something other than earthtones and pastels. Ellie is an American Spitz, but you were close! She won't get any bigger than she is now, probably less than 25 lbs.Hey Tay, Yeah, Bobo is adorable when he's not being a brat. Ellie's even worse than Bobo though, and together….yikes! Sometimes our friend brings over his beagle pup, then it gets really wild.Thanks for the compliment Sara. Yeah I love the puppies too. Talk about unconditional love! Three's not too I used to say I'd never have more than three, but my daughter, my lovely daughter, is responsible for me having two of the five. They're all rescues except for Ellie.

  7. I can imagine! You've got enough dogs as it is – add a puppy to the mix, even for a few hours, and I'm surprised you don't go insane!

  8. Oh yay! What a great post! I finally got to see the dogs, and as a bonus your gardens too! Now I can start putting faces to the stories you share, it makes it so much more real to me! Your garden does look peaceful, probably full of birdsong, right? Do the chickens help out with your ticks? I've heard guniea hens are great for that, but the noise ~ no thanks! ๐Ÿ™‚ I love the new print, and thanks alot, now I've got that song roaring through my head… ;)I cannot wait to see the heart chakra, I hope the journey of painting it has been helpful to you! ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. First off- I love your new Blog design. Lol- don't tell me it's been up for like 2 weeks and I haven't seen it…!?!? It's Blogger, not me!!! Blame EVERYTHING on Blogger ;D I'm finally allowed to leave comments :)Hahahahaha- that's so funny xD Oh yes… animals have more brains (and emotions) then people give them credit for!! I mean- even chick get jealous sometimes!! Lol- I mean, seriously, I've seen it with my own 2 eyes! Pet and snuggle 1 for a few minutes and all the sudden you'll have another 1 (or 2) jumping all over you for attention xDlol- Bogo is cute!! IF I was to EVER get a dog, it would be a small one like him ๐Ÿ™‚ Probably a dachshund… I little girl so that I could pamper her and buy her little doggy dresses xD Hahahaha, anyhhooo… "talk" to soon!! <3xoxoJordan

  10. P.s.In all my rambling- I forgot to tell you how gorgeous you painting is!! LOOOVEEE it!! I love how it goes from small and delicate to big and clear… ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Tay, yeah the energy level goes behond the comfort zone when Boozer (the beagle) comes over. He's so sweet, theough, I love him too!Melinda, glad to know you're familiar with Guns 'n Roses! lol I've seen them in concert, Axel was so drunk he had to lip sync (badly) and could barely stand up. I still like their music though, I seem to be stuck in a time warp!The chickens do help with the ticks, they run all over the place, but the woods are all around me and the dogs love the woods. I've thought of guineas, but I think the noise from this house with the barking, the rooster, the chickens loudly announcing laying egs, and the goats bleating is probably enough for the neighbors!These chakra paintings really do get things on the move. I don't know if it's because of the intention I put into it, or if it's just a sign of the times, but whew, lots of issues…more throat issues now which means time to finalize the heart chakra painting and get moving.Jordand, you don't ever have to apologize for not leaving comments. I see your blog is really popular and you must have to spend tons of time reading and commenting… don't ever let coming here be a burden!I always seem to end up with more boy puppies, although Ellie is a girl…a high strung, defiant little White Devil gir!

  12. Great colors in your composition and lovely photos as well. It is always interesting to see what other creatives are up to. Thanks for sharing. ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Thanks Lisa, I love getting feedback! I've come a long ways since I first started playing with these images. I look back at my very first ones where I initially felt the excitement and was like, well I guess I had to somewhere!

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