Sometimes Psychedelic, Sometimes Spiritual, Always Cool

The Etsy Handmadeology Team has some very talented members.  Here’s a recent treasury curated by Susan that showcases a few of these talented members.  This is her first treasury and she did a fantastic job!  You can see her Etsy shop BeautifullyPractical HERE:

I’m honored that she included my abstract psychedelic wall sculpture in this collection entitled “Spiraling Up“.  It represents a time in my life when my creative juices were really kicking in after a period of hibernation.

Click on any of the pictures to go directly to that listing on Etsy.

‘I’ve got a Feeling!’ by BeautifullyPractical

Colors, textures, scents, sounds, flavors…together they add to the richness of our life. Better to feel than to not live with passion.

WISTFUL. Fine Art Print

Victorian “Pot Melt&quo…

Scarf, Yellow, Satin, Flower…

Sale. FREE BELT. Bhindi in S…

Small grey gray with cotton …

ILLUMINATE Recycled Magnetic…

Quilted Baby Blanket Blue wi…

Activated Charcoal and Tea T…

Roswell, Stained Glass Alien…

Awesome Crochet Mowhawk Ear …

SALE–Heart of Running 5 x 7…

Snow WHite Fluff Baby Socks …

Morning Tree in the Sunshine…

Birthday Boy – Candy Treat B…

Modern Abstract Painting Wal…

Multnomah Falls Fine Art Pri…


If you like three dimensional abstract art and wall sculptures, check out my Etsy Shop!

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