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What The……?!

cute puppy avatar

This is me on a good day………..

This is me on a Fluctuating Whore Moans Day………
Up…..down……Up……..down      What the…..?!
Last night I had a dream that I had a chin hair that was two inches long.    What the…..?!

I signed up for a twitter account and accidently put my user name as “Primalpanter”.   What the….?!

 (Primalpanter, hehee, that’s funny)

My daughter will be 21 years old in 9 days.    What the…..?!
I’m going to be 50 years old  in 20 days.   What the……?!  

Wow, now that I see 50 years old in black and white, it’s more like a loud, high pitched squeal
WHAT THE…….?!!!
If you’ll excuse me, I have to go look for chin hairs…………
Feeling very weirdly yours,

Another Dog Story

The Migraine Zone  
I love all my puppies, don’t get me wrong, but sometimes it gets a little ridiculous around here.  All of our dogs seem to think they need to be within four feet of me at all times, all  five dogs.  I’m like the pied piper, wherever I go it’s a mini parade.  If I shut the door to the bathroom, they  lay down outside the door and wait patiently for me to come back out, then follow me single file and take their places within the four foot range with Bobo in my lap.
Yesterday I had a slammin’ migraine, so I took one of my treximets which knock me out  hard.  I fell asleep on the couch and woke up about 2 a.m. and decided I needed to go to bed.  In a hardcore haze of groggy, where am I? mentality, I stood up, stepped on Chance’s tail who was sleeping next to the couch.  He let out a yelp which startled Bobo, who sleeps under the blanket with me and triggered  a full-on Jack Russell Terrier tirade of high pitched screaming and yelling. Ellie, my daughter’s dog, starts her shrill little girl shrieking.  I stepped somewhere else to get off of Chance’s tail, and stepped on Penny’s tail, who yelped and started barking.  Then I  stumbled over Patches, (Miss Skunkalicious), and promptly did a face plant on the floor amidst a chaotic chorus of exited dog yelling.  Good grief, what a zoo!
I laid there for a minute, groaning and imagining myself with one of those Batman cartoon bubbles over my head that says POW!  and then one that says ARGGGGGHHHHH!.  The noise and excitement dies down but while I’m on the floor in total darkness trying to get my act together, my face is getting  licked by several tongues at once (cartoon bubble that says EWWWWWWW). 

I stumble towards the bedroom where for some unknown reason, the door is half shut, so I promptly crash into the door with my face!  Good Gawd, that migraine/treximet combo is a bitch…

The good news?  Nothing is broken, my puppies adore me and my migraine is gone. (Cartoon bubble that says AWWWWW).
By the way, that top picture is how I feel when I get a migraine.  I created that image yesterday when I was in the migraine/drugged zone.  Pretty colors but a little chaotic and jaggedy.

Have an awesome day!



"Fearless" Third Chakra

I’m no Speedy Gonzales when it comes to working on my chakra paintings that’s for sure, but I’ve finally finished  “Fearless“, my painting intended for opening and clearing the third chakra.  My lower chakras were a friggin’ mess, a MESS I tell ya.  It’s interesting to me to see how these first three paintings have evolved.

My first chakra painting entitled “The Red Portal” was tight and controlled, practically closed up completely and had lots of black debris in it.  Dark, dark, dark….

The second chakra painting called “Healing the Hurt” was a little brighter, a little more open, but still had alot of black debris that needed clearing out. 

The third chakra painting called “Fearless” is much brighter in color,  the light is more organized and spiralled, and there are darker areas that need clearing but no black.  That’s a good sign…..!
My theory is that the work I’ve done on these chakras is cumulative so that each consecutive chakra is healthier as a result of the healing that’s taken place in the one before it.  I definitely felt an improvement in my overall energetic well-being after completing the first two. I’ve noticed third chakra issues surfacing and resolving as a result of working on this one as well.   I documented some of those issues in the post “Third Chakra Issues“.   I do alot of yawning, and I mean big  yawns, lots of them in a row, when I release some inner crapola. Anybody else? No? Just me?
I entitled this one “Fearless” because I noticed that many of the emotions I felt while creating it had to do with generalized anxiety, insecurity, a “tied up in knots curled up in a ball” kind of fear, low self-confidence, shame, things of that nature. 
I set my intention at the onset “This painting is an intuitive visual depiction of the state of my third chakra and will result in the opening and clearing of all my third chakra issues.  This painting will have a similar healing effect on anyone who’s open to it”. I attuned it to the healing energy of reiki along with my intention. 
 I figure it will take a few days, maybe even weeks to integrate those changes, although I already feel a difference. So far, and it just started today, it’s a subtle feeling of confidence and optimism despite feeling threatened by my electric company.  Considering that the third chakra is all about safety and inner power, that’s some ironic timing.  I frequently get challenged and tested when I’m trying to accomplish some kind of self-improvement.  Anybody else?
Talk about irony, selling a wall sculpture the day they were here entitled “Renewal” was the height of irony!   Wow, I tell ya, the Universe knows what it’s doing, so I figure I’ll just keep on going with the flow and trust that everything happens for a reason at just the right time. 
Hmmm, could that be a healthy third chakra attitude? Could be, could be…..     Next up, the dreaded stony shackled in chains Heart Chakra.  We’ll see how long it takes me to tackle that one!  Maybe I should just dive right in with my new and impoved third chakra empowerment and bravery.
Just gonna go with the flow…..
P.S. “Fearless” has already sold to a super nice person in Canada!  Thank you Sybillinart!

Aftermath of Destruction

The last couple of days I’ve been in the ole’ “stay in bed and cover up my head” funk, thanks to Carroll Electric coming into my yard and butchering my trees.  Sometimes being sensitive and empathic has it’s downfalls as I have a tendency to feel the pain and angst of everyone and everything, even trees. This was even worse than the Great Ice Storm of 2009 because of the added element of feeling victimized at the hands of a giant unfeeling profit-driven power hungry corporation, namely CARROLL ELECTRIC CO-OP (co-op my ass). 
Trees have a very smooth and pure vibration while the gi-normous buzz saw the electric company used to shred them was jolting and obnoxious, disturbing and violent.  I’m pulling out of it, though. They spared my almond tree on the condition that I transplant it, which is going to be a real trick at 12′ tall.  It’s a dwarf almond and shouldn’t get any bigger than 15′ to 18′ but they don’t care.
What’s done is done, so it’s time to snap out of my self-imposed disconnection from a world that seems  bent on so-called progress (greedy, profit driven, power-hungry progress) while disrespecting and sacrificing nature.  I’ll start thinking about what I’m going to plant in those ravaged areas of destruction.  Maybe pampass grass or evergreen red-tipped photinia.
I was thinking the other day that some wicked firethorn bushes would give those electric guys some nice little pricks….. little pricks for some big pricks…..Ha!  That’s just a fantasy, though…an evil satisfying fantasy where the firethorns come to life and pull the head honcho electric guy into a tangled maze of stabbing little pricks (how appropriate), while I look on and laugh…Bwah hahahhaha!!!!!  Wow, that’s  mean of me, must be my dark side.
This picture makes me think of the TreeHerders  (the Ents) in the Lord of the Rings when they see the destruction and stumps of their fellow trees.  I like to think of the orbs in the foreground as healing orbs.

This  was my sassafras grove.  I’ve lived here for 11 years, they were here then, and when they cut them down, they were about 12 feet tall.  Not exactly a threat to the electric line and wouldn’t be for another several years.   Why, WHY????
On the bright side, ironically while the giant buzz saw from hell was here the other day, I sold a wall sculpture called “Renewal“.  Is that a sign or what?!  Pretty cool I thought.
I also finished my third chakra painting called “Fearless” and listed it on Etsy yesterday. It’s already been featured in a treasury! I’ll do a post on it later…..

See ya,

Electric Company Bullies

cute funny kitten play fighting flash

Today the electric company is supposed to come by and ravage the trees on my property. I thought maybe I should go out there and confront them with anger and intimidation, but when I told my friends of my plan, they exchanged these sideways glances, snickered, snorted, there was even some rolling of the eyes..   My boyfriend laughed outloud.  I’m like “Wha-at?”  Apparently my attempts at anger and intimidation are more along the lines of the kitten in this video. : (   From inside my head, I think I seem really mean and ferocious, but from the outside looking in…..not so much I guess.

You know, I like electricity and all, but this destroying everything that’s 10 ft. on either side of the line is B.S.  For the lines that go through the forest, I can understand it, but this line is right through my YARD!  And my yard is full of TREES!  They even said they wanted to chop down my almond tree!!!!!  When they came to survey my property yesterday, I said to them while hugging my tree, “I’ll chain myself to this tree and you’ll have to cut through me to get to it!!!!  Screw the electric company!!!!”  I’m very upset, I have to admit. 

I jumped through hoops to keep them from spraying very toxic herbicides around my property, so now I guess they’re  going to show me who’s boss and just cut everything down.  Power hungry freakin’ bullies!  Now keep in mind, that none of my trees and branches are a threat to the electric lines, we make sure of that ourselves. My community has been on a rampage against our electrical coop, and  now they’re fighting back.  Apparently war has been declared……

When they get here, I’m going to try being nice but not a pushover.  I’ll show them where we’ve cut our own branches because of the lines and topped off some cypress trees so they know that we’re responsible landowners.  If that doesn’t work, I’m going to try dissolving into tears (and honestly, it won’t be fake because they’re hurting my trees and destroying my privacy).   If that doesn’t work, I may have my boyfriend  put on a stained torn wife beater tank, unbraid his hair (his hair is to his waist), and come out looking wild and crazed waving around a  blazing loud chain saw.  He should be able to pull that one off easy enough if ya get my drift.

If that doesn’t work, I might have no choice but to express genuine anger, cussing and threatening, but chances are I’ll look like the kitten in the video.  Acckkk!!! Stressed Out!!!!

Wish me luck!!!!!!!



Seeing Auras

pinguin pushes another one
We’ve probably all seen this little video, but it never fails to crack me up.   I amuse myself by imagining my boyfriend’s face on the penguin who’s going face first into the water……Is that wrong? lol
The photo below is a view of Friday night’s full moon taken through the trees after it’s been “primal-tized”.  It’s a little different from some of the wild psychedelic digital art that I’ve come up with lately, but I like it cause it’s trippy, dark and mystical.  
It makes me think of my all-time favorite movie Avatar and how the native Na’vi might see a full moon at night. They seem to have the ability to see the aura and energy surrounding the plants and animals of their planet Pandora. Sometimes I can do that myself  when  I’m not all tied up in knots stumbling around in my left-brain arrogantly thinking I can control everything.
When I was really young, I thought everyone could see colors and feel vibrations. Then when I got older, I thought maybe there was something wrong with my eyes.  Now, after reading copious amounts of books on energy work and getting three weeks of training to be an advanced reiki practitioner, I realize that what I occasionally get glimpses of  are auras and energy. 
If I’m relaxed and spacing out on my balcony, gazing at the sky and the tree tops,  I can see the energy coming off the trees like shimmery swirly vibrations, similar to what hot pavement looks like when the heat is coming off it. If I manage to stay in that space, everything starts moving and swirling (whee !), but the colors  are really subtle.  I wish I could see the vibrant colors of auras, but so far all I can see are transparent pastels and only if I’m not trying too hard. 
A couple of months ago, I was talking to this older lady and for whatever reason, her aura started flashing itself at me.  I kept getting glimpses of this dark circle about the size of a tennis ball near her armpit.  I started doing that boing boing way of blinking my eyes thinking it was some kind of weird vision malady, undoubtedly looking like I was having a seizure or something, so she asked me what was wrong.   I told her what I was seeing, and she said that she had cancer in the lymph nodes near her armpit. How weird is that?!  I’ve had several incidents where that’s happened, actually.  I’m no expert and no diagnostic, but cancer and tumors seem to be something that shows up easily in the aura.
I’ll leave you with this secret about myself even though it’s probably too much information.  I sometimes fantasize that I’m one of the Na’vi living on the planet Pandora. If you haven’t seen Avatar (and you really should), the Na’vi are 8 foot tall, big eyes, long tails, pointy ears, gorgeous blue skin, half naked and have a deep connection to and reverence with the energy of their planet. Oh and they also ride these psychedelic looking pterodactyl type birds which seems way more fun that driving a beat up old Honda…..not that there’s anything wrong with beat up old Hondas except for the fact that they can’t, you know, fly!

To Blog or Not To Blog

LOLOLOL, I know I’m probably twisted, but that picture is Hilarious!!!

Someone said to me yesterday, “So Laurie, are you making any money off your blog?”  I stammered, stuttered, shifted uncomfortably from from foot to foot, squirmed around a little, and  said “Ummmm, well, you know, uhhhh…no”.  So then he asks me “So have you sold anything on your Etsy site because of your blog?”  I look around the room checking for possible escape routes and contemplate trying the classic  “OMG, what’s that!” and when he turns around to look, I’m gone.  But instead I said “Well, its…I dunno, you know how it is…..ya gotta start somewhere….I mean, well, no”.

So then his girlfriend chimes in and says, “Ya know, people who read blogs like how-to’s, maybe you should write some how-to’s. that have to do with Etsy”.  A very insightful idea, I must say, but one to which I replied “Good Gawd, it if weren’t for Other People’s How- To’s, I’d still be staring at the computer wondering what the heck a blog is (among many, many other things).  She says “Well you should at least stick to Etsy subjects because the point is to sell stuff, right?”  I moan and groan, roll my eyes and gnash my teeth.  I mean, Etsy’s great and everything, it’s just that when I hear that word “should”, I think of housework….(Me no likey the housework).

I’ve decided that I’ll leave the how-to’s to Other People That Know A Heck Of Alot More Than I
Do, and I’ll just stick to my random, frivolous, impulsive, shoot- from- the hip style even if it doesn’t make money or drive traffic. “Not everything has to be about traffic and money!” I announce loudly with some defiance verging on open rebellion.  FYI, if you want to clear a room, just use a loud defensive tone of voice , fling your arms a little and toss your hair, don’t forget the tossing of the hair….verrrry important.

Now, what organ should I sell to pay my electric bill this month? lol



PS:  Oh before I forget, check out my Etsy Shop Primalpainter-Modern Abstract Art.  I’ll have some new things soon.  I’m working on something today and it’s not a “should” it’s a “want to”……verrrrry important.